The TopPack XLine series is upgrading: New connectors provide even longer protection

No tool is too long for the new TopPack XLine series connectors! The optional adapters and middle parts protect extra-long tools even more securely.

Extra-long tools in particular are difficult to pack. Especially if the packaging does not fit 100%, damage during transport or in stock is not uncommon. In this case it's better to prevent this situation with an intelligent packaging solution, such as the TopPack XLine series. 

Extra protection for extra-long tools

The TopPack XLine series has been specially developed for the secure packaging of deep-hole drills. In order to be able to pack even extra-long drills, new adapters and middle parts provide additional stability and security. With these optional accessories, drill lengths up to 765 mm are no longer a challenge.  

The handling is intuitive: base plug - middle part - adapter - outer part, these individual parts are plugged together in sequence to close the package. Opening is even easier: once connected, the adapter and the middle part can no longer be separated.

At a glace

Clever details ensure a secure hold

For optimum storage of the tool in the packaging, the length of the middle part is decisive. The adapter has to be placed behind the center of gravity of the tool. In this way, it optimally absorbs the weight of the tool. At the same time, the adapter encloses the drill with a perfect fit and absorbs shocks effortlessly. Not to mention, the extended shank-holding plug with the patented shank clamping design additionally ensure a secure hold. 

The length of the packaging easily adapts to the length of the tool: through the matching combination of middle and outer part variants. This results in minimal empty space in the packaging and only the smallest possible storage area is required. The outer and middle parts are made of highly transparent PVC, so you can see at first glance what's inside. 

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With the TopPack XLine series, your tools are up to all challenges: it offers effective protection against transport damage, shocks, dust, moisture or oil. Because even long cutting tools can survive long journeys – with the right packaging. 

Do you want to pack your extra-long tools safely?
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The TopPack XLine series – now even longer: 

  • Now also suitable for extreme tool lengths up to 765 mm (Ø 6-16 mm)
  • The optional middle part in combination with the adapter ensures central positioning and safe storage of the drill
  • Additional benefit due to multiple usability, e.g. as transport packaging when returned to the manufacturer for regrinding process
  • Highly transparent outer and middle parts
  • Patented shankholding system and longer plug size offer optimum fit of the tool

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