So what’s the secret behind our company’s innovative strength? How have we managed to keep producing successful packaging over so many decades? Why have many of our packaging solutions become so firmly established in the market that they are now the de facto industry standard? Introducing our in-house design and development department.

In the early years of rose plastic, developing new packaging ideas and turning them into marketable products was the responsibility of our founder. Today, it’s the business of our entire, highly qualified workforce. We constantly succeed in creating new packaging ideas precisely because our development projects are assigned to interdisciplinary teams.

Before our production professionals get to work, our ideas professionals do their thing.

Their inspiration either comes directly from the market or indirectly via our sales or customer service team, as well as from our experienced product designers, development engineers, and design engineers. Through this approach, we ensure that as many ideas and suggestions as possible for each new packaging solution are on the table before we implement them.