Why is our in-house print shop such a hit with our customers? Because it’s the perfect way to visually enhance products using a packaging imprint, or to add important product information that would be difficult to see on the product itself. The fact that we offer this service in-house — without adding time-consuming and costly detours — makes it even more appealing. So why not give it a try?

Some products just aren’t suitable for branding with your trademark, logo, or corporate colors. Particularly if they spend most of their lives concealed inside their packaging. In such cases, the essential task of differentiating and enhancing the product – while also providing important information for consumers – falls to the packaging. However, not every packaging solution on the market is up to this vital task, but almost every plastic packaging item in our standard range was literally designed for it. This also includes our packaging made from post-consumer recyclate (PCR). It is not only just as reliable as its conventionally manufactured counterpart — no, PCR packaging is just as well printable.

What’s even better than good packaging? Good packaging that sells your product!

Whether square, rectangular, or round, almost all of our packaging tubes are ideal for printing. In addition, our boxes can be printed with excellent results as well as our plastic cases, protective boxes and cassettes, which all feature large areas on the front that are ideal for printing.

Practical packaging is a good thing. Packaging that is practical and looks great is even better. But packaging that is personalized with a custom imprint as well? That’s just unbeatable! It turns your product into a brand – and your packaging into a sales assistant.

Find out what our in-house print shop can do for you

Our in-house print shop enables us to print your packaging immediately after production, on our premises without costly detours. We use either a screen printing or pad printing process and provide everything necessary from a single source: Our professionals will handle the digitization and preparation of your artwork (if necessary), the creation of the print templates, etc. – based on your input and subject to your final print approval.

An additional and often very attractive option is digital printing, which is primarily used for multi-colored or four-color prints, such as images.

Please ask us for more information. We will be happy to advise you and explain the various options, and also to prepare a quotation for you that includes a pattern drawing of the imprint that will be applied to your packaging.
You will quickly see that an imprint is not only affordable, but also brings added value and helps you position your product more professionally in the market.