Environmental protection and the responsible use of raw materials - for rose plastic these are not just catchwords in the current discussion about sustainability, but rather convictions that have always been lived out. As a family-run company, we feel a special obligation to future generations and are intensively committed to ecological sustainability.

And we do a lot for that. For example, rose plastic AG has been certified according to the environmental management system ISO 14001 since 2011. We are also a member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria (Umweltpakt Bayern) to exchange and measure ourselves with other companies. Electricity flows with us mainly from renewable sources and thanks to a 350 kWp solar plant; we work almost CO2-neutral at our Headquarter in Germany. We try to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution in all areas. For example, we use waste heat from production to heat our office building. We use environmentally friendly processes and technologies for the production of our packaging. Our aim is to use resources such as energy or raw materials effectively.

PRS Green Label 2021

rose plastic AG has also been awarded the “PRS Green Label” for our participation in the pallet pooling program run by the Dutch organization PRS. The goal of this program is to reduce CO2 emissions and packaging waste in the supply chain. 

Our knowledge travels, our packages don’t

With our five production sites around the world, we avoid international transport and this not only saves time but also unnecessary CO2 emissions. To be precise, 1,890 tons per year. That corresponds to the CO2 emissions from 805,043 litres of petrol consumed!