Tool holders form the interface between the cutting tool and the machine tool’s work spindle. It is critical that they remain free from damage, because fast tool changes and precision machining at high speeds are only possible if the tool holders are in perfect condition. Our plastic packaging effectively protects your tool holders against mechanical impacts, moisture, and dirt.

The choice of the right packaging is crucial for transporting tool holders and tool fixtures, as well as for their storage. That’s why we’ve designed all of our packaging solutions for tool holders to be reusable – without exception. This means they’re not only ideal for transporting your tool holders, but also for keeping them safe and secure during storage. And thanks to its functional ergonomics, our packaging is simple to use and can be quickly and easily filled with your products. Curious? Give us a call or write us a message and let us know if we can be of service! We look forward to supporting you – and your tool holders!

A whole world of clever packaging solutions

At rose plastic, we’ve made a name for ourselves worldwide with our innovative plastic packaging for tool holders. Which explains why we have the right packaging solution for every tool holder – from hollow-taper-shank (HSK) and morse-taper (MK) to steep-taper (SK) and polygon-shank tool holders (PSC). You will also find the optimum plastic packaging for collets, basic tool holders for lancing blades, screw-in adapters, pull studs, and drill chucks. We’ll be happy to advise you when looking for your ideal packaging solution.