Sustainability at rose plastic

Environmental protection and the responsible use of raw materials - topics that are currently a hot debate. How do we, as a plastics processing company, deal with them? How does rose plastic manage the balancing act of producing plastic packaging on one hand and environmental protection on the other? Which approaches and ways do we pursue?

For us the subject of sustainability has always been topical, because sustainability and environmentally conscious actions are closely linked to the values of our company. One of them is a sense of responsibility. 

Recycling rate at almost at 100% 
And we know: It's not just a road that leads to the goal. That is why we at rose plastic also pursue a multi-dimensional approach to sustainability. For example, clever product design or efficient processes help to use energy and raw materials sparingly. For example, we have long been using only fully recyclable plastics in the manufacture of our packaging. They are not mixed during production and are therefore reusable. This approach ensures an internal recycling quota of almost 100 percent. 

Going new ways 
rose plastic takes another important step towards environmental protection by using sustainable materials. We already manufacture all blowmolded tubes in Bio-HDPE, which is obtained from sugarcane. This plant not only supplies sweet juice but is also the basis for bioplastics. 

Even though we have already achieved a great deal in terms of sustainability, we are going even further. On the one hand, this means for us to keep the tried and tested; On the other hand, we are not afraid to break new ground. This includes always having our finger on the pulse of the times, trying out new things and sometimes taking unusual paths. In doing so, we rely on renewable raw materials such as sugar cane, which we already use successfully for our packaging. At the same time, however, we are also testing to what extent raw materials from the recycling industry are suitable for the production of our packaging. We are currently taking a close look at recycled materials (recycled plastic, obtained from reusable materials from private households) and food waste.

We at rose plastic, will continue to be open to new possibilities and developments. As a family operated company we feel a particular obligation towards future generations and will continue to be intensively committed to ecological sustainability.