New: TopPack FiveFrame - where everything stays in the frame

With TopPack FiveFrame, rose plastic is launching an accessory that makes our successful TopPack line even easier to use. Now the packaging tubes can be easily bundled in units of 5. Time and cost savings are thus guaranteed.

If you know our TopPack family you also are aware about the positive features it brings. Sensitive drills, milling cutters or shank tools are kept safe and secure here. Our new TopPack FiveFrame accessory now protects tools even better. While these might otherwise have been fixed and bundled with the help of rubber bands, our new accessory now ensures perfect hold together.

Five at one stroke  
The framework for this is provided by our new product itself. In the truest sense of the word. TopPack FiveFrame effortlessly brings together five base plugs from the TopPack family in a single row. And if necessary, this can be extended as required. The frames can be connected on both the long and short sides. Arrows on the TopPack FiveFrame provide assistance here. They indicate in which direction the frames can be pushed together.

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Also available pre-assembled
And that's the way it is in family life: Things often have to be quick and easy. That's why TopPack FiveFrame is so easy to handle: Simply insert the TopPack base plug into the frame from the top. To remove it again, the complete tube is pushed through the TopPack FiveFrame. One frame holds five base plugs each from the TopPack family in sizes 8x18 mm or 13x25 mm.
Another plus: If required, you can also have the frames delivered pre-assembled with TopPack base plugs. That saves a lot of time.

Learn more about our new TopPack FiveFrame in our short product video.

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TopPack FiveFrame at a glance:

  • enables the bundling of TopPack 8 or 13 packaging tubes in units of 5
  • can be connected to each other as a placement aid or for stocking purposes
  • can also be supplied pre-assembled with TopPack base plugs
  • is very well suited to support automated processes
  • is sustainable, as it can be used multiple times
  • extremely robust due to impact and break-proof ABS plastic material
  • available in black or in various attractive standard colors

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