Cookie Policy

What exactly are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that stores information for a limited time. Most websites use cookies. These are automatically downloaded and saved by your browser the first time you visit a website. A cookie contains at least two components, the name and value of the file. The cookie generally has a self-destruct date, which is defined according to the desired lifespan of the cookie. A distinction is hereby made between session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted immediately, at the end of the browsing session. Persistent cookies remain stored on your computer for the duration of the lifespan defined for the cookie. They are only deleted at the end of a specified period of time. These cookies remember your preferred settings when you revisit the website.

What are cookies actually needed for?

Cookies are supposed to make the user's visit to a website easier and more user-friendly. For example, with online shopping they allow the website to "remember" which products you had in your basket when you call up the page again, or they ensure your preferred layout and font size are automatically displayed.
However, not all cookies are useful and exclusively for the benefit of the user. For example, tracking cookies are used to monitor your behaviour on websites and to place advertising accordingly, or to make websites more user-friendly. It is therefore important to think about which cookies you should allow and which you should refuse. To make this decision, it is helpful to know what types of cookie there are.

What types of cookie are there? And which cookies are used on the rose plastic website?

Essential Cookies

Cookies are absolutely necessary for essential functions of the website to work. Without these the website cannot be used as intended. These cookies collect anonymised information (no link to your identity can therefore be made) and they cannot monitor your movements on other websites. Your consent to the use of these cookies is not required

  • whitepaper_signups (30 days)
    The cookie is updated after the download of a white paper and controls the renewed access to the document.
  • message_poup (session)
    The cookie controls the display of the link to the partner companies for medical products.
  • cookie_manager (session)
    The cookie controls the display of the cookie manager and records the status of the consent given.

Statistics Cookies

Help us as a website owner to understand how visitors interact with our website. This means which page a user visits most often and whether error messages are displayed. These cookies do not store any other information. They are only used to improve user-friendliness and to tailor websites more specifically to the user. This data is also stored exclusively in anonymised form.

  • Google Analytics (2 years)
    Cookie from Google for website analysis. Generates statistical data about how visitors use the website.
    (Privacy policy:

Media Cookies

If third-party content is integrated into our website, this third-party provider may set cookies while you are not directly on its website. These cookies allow the third party to record information about you as a user and to identify you when you visit their own website in order to present a website that is adapted to you. This is possible, for example, when embedding YouTube videos in a website.

Marketing Cookies

They are used to present the user with advertising that is relevant and tailored to him or her. They are also used to determine how often an advert appears and the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

  • Facebook Pixel (session/1 year)
    _fbp,act,c_user,datr,fr,m_pixel_ration,pl, presence,sb,spin,wd,xs

    Cookie from Facebook, which is used for website analysis, ad targeting and ad measurement.

Where can I define my cookie settings?

Most websites contain a notice about the use of cookies. You yourself are also able to adjust your cookie permissions more in line with your wishes in your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to accept or delete all cookies or only allow certain types of cookies.
You can stop cookies from being stored on your end device by selecting "do not accept cookies" in your browser settings. However, if you do refuse all cookies, this can result in the functional limitation of certain websites.
You can delete the cookies stored on your end device at any time. Please refer to the instructions for your browser or end device for detailed information on how to do this.

Manage your cookie settings

You can individually manage your cookie settings for this website: