New middle parts — new possibilities with the TwistPack Plus

Tools, measuring devices, or sports equipment — the TwistPack Plus has it all. Now with over 80 sizes, making it one of our most popular plastic tubes. The new middle part offers even more, now adaptable for extra-long contents.

No matter what needs safely protected and transported — the TwistPack Plus is the perfect solution! It offers the right solution for a wide range of applications in numerous diameters and lengths. However, until now it was only used for contents up to 620 mm. The new middle part allows for longer tools such as masonry drills, racks, and long spindles to be transported securely.

The TwistPack Plus now also secures extra-long tools
It is more flexible than ever and protects tools up to 1050 mm length in conjunction of a new middle part and two regular outer parts. The packaging impresses especially when dealing with long contents: The twist-lock closure ensures fast opening and closing. Once it is snapped in, the outer and middle parts are firmly connected. Accidental opening caused by heavy contents or time-consuming twisting of the inner and outer parts into one another are outdated. The closure saves an enormous amount of time and money.

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Extra protection for extra-long products
The flexible length adjustment allows the tube to adapt to the contents inside. The middle part determines the size while the outer parts snap into place at the appropriate length. Depending on length requirements, standard and additional outer parts are available for use. If you need the same packaging in different lengths, we have a solution to save you on extra ordering, logistics, and storage space!
The extended versions offer the same protection against rolling and falling; ensured by a centrally placed hexagonal ring in the tube. Available in four diameters, the middle parts cover all common sizes.

The middle parts at a glance

  • secure packaging for long products up to 1050 mm 
  • four diameters: 22, 26, 35 and 45 mm
  • each middle part is combined with two regular outer parts
  • all outer part lengths can be used (standard combination with length 200 or 350)
  • the length of the closed tube is stepless adjustable to the contents
  • centered rollaway protection for safe handling

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Your advantages with TwistPack Plus

  • easy and fast opening and closing
  • the twist lock closure secures even heavy contents 
  • with the universal length adjustment, the tube adapts to the content
  • safe roll away protection prevents accidental falling down
  • large printable area for individual branding
  • attractive design for point of sale presentation

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